FM 12 update

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening welcome to the blog and database that I am very excited about, I am also bogged down by it and very worried about how long it will take, But I love doing it.  As you may know I haven’t been the worlds biggest fan of the more recent Football manager additions I have struggled to get into a save on both 13 and 14 and decided not to buy FM15 yet, it does not mean I don’t have successful saves I have a few  games ill go back to, But all I do is yearn to get back to FM12.

What I am doing should be obvious from the title, I plan on updating the old database and making it current. But I want it done properly and perfectly. I have been adjusting ages creating the History and working out how many days a player has had at each club etc.

André Schürrle (Overview_ Profile)

Eden Hazard (Overview_ Profile)

I started at Chelsea as you know I am a fan and it was easiest (I thought) to start with and get me going. After there only being 55 Players in the squad once I had done all the moving and updating, I then had to create the rest until I had 81 players in total. I have also updated stats some have been a little generous but will be adjusted down (or up) as I get into the flow with it and have it tested.

Chelsea (Squad_ Players)-2

That would be your starting squad minus Luke Shaw and a few youngsters I promoted myself but that should get you a feel for the squad and hopefully similar to what you would start with on FM 15.

I’d  now like to introduce you to the most inform Striker at the moment unless you class Ronaldo or Messi as strikers. But here is Diego Costa, I am looking at his stats and I did not create them that high so need to play with and adjust reputation etc but you get the jist of what I have done and trying to achieve.

Diego Costa (Overview_ Profile)

 Next up ill show you the histories that I had to create and research, I have done this with ever player from Cesc Fabregas to Nathienel Chalobah to the under 16’s although after loading a few need to be adjusted and re configured. As Luke was away I wanted to contribute to the FM Addicts  I also wanted to get this out there as I am quite proud of what I have done so far.

Cesc Fàbregas (History_ Career Stats)

Branislav Ivanovic (History_ Career Stats)-2

John Terry (History_ Career Stats)

Thibaut Courtois (History_ Career Stats)

I have also done my research and added as many of the youth players as I could find, below are just a few Obviously some may be a little better than they should but I am working on getting it right, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Charlie Wakfield who was in the Whizzkids FM14 release is there and the potential to be a great as well as Solanke who played just recently in the champs League for Chelsea.

Dominic Solanke (Overview_ Profile)

Ike Ugbo (Overview_ Profile)

Ike Ugbo is spoken about as a good young talent and mentioned in many highlights on youtube with out the internet and social media this would not be possible I have also included a relation to the sultan of Brunei who was also at a young age at the Arsenal Aademy so keep an eye out for some of them.

The Database is available here :

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I am debating joining or creating a forum so this can be discussed but for now just tweet, comment below or post on the facebook group and ill happily talk over what I have done/ if you feel anything needs to be adjusted I am happy to discuss it with you.

Thank you for your time and hope your as excited as I am by this, eventually I want to do it all, but realistically it may come down to just major leagues but I will do my best to be as quick and in great detail as I possibly can.

The Skin I have used is: So many thanks to Marko Alavanja for that one, have been a fan of his since I found them.


FM 14 John Swift 2017

John Swift

Yet again as I did with Dion Convoy I feel like I have failed this player. He could have been so much better had I worked on him sooner and given him a chance to develop. Saying that for someone who only played a few games for me last season he isn’t a bad player. Take a look at these stat’s I don’t think he will ever be a world class player but he is a great back up. As I will show you later on in the series had I given him a chance at a younger age there is a high possibility I could have turned him into a great player almost World class Player. 

John Swift_ Overview Profile

Passing, Technique and First Touch all 16 at the age of 22, I believe that Dribbling Long Shots and maybe tackling would be in that higher bracket as well had I used him sooner. But he is naturally creative and I have heard of him labelled as the next Glenn Hoddle, maybe better known with some of you for his managerial days but it has been said that had Brian Cloygh got the England Job he would have built his team around a player like Glenn. Clough confirmed with his opinion that England seems to leave behind players of natural creative ability and it looks like as I have let Brian Clough down by doing the same here. I do keep wanting to re start this save in an attempt to make a few more players the greats they could be instead of buying we will have to wait to see if I do or not. 

John Swift_ Overview Information

 He could have been anything he really could have played as a regista a DLP, AP Engache almost anything had i spotted it all sooner! I am quite annoyed with myself at this point. He has two important PPM’s for his role as a Deep Lying Playmaker which is now all he could really be and fit in with my squad. I would possibly have introduced some more to him possibly come deep and dribble through center. 

John Swift_ Reports Coach Report

This is what Holland thinks again hes not quick enough but then i think only if a player has 20 for Pace and Acceleration would Holland be happy I do think I will have sacked him by the time I am finished writing these player profiles. But lack of concentration is a worrying thing but when he has got a game I have been quite impressed with him but if I where to start again id make sure a player like Lampard is his main tutor and had I worked on it sooner he would be better off. 

John Swift_ Development Training

He did do quite well up until January 2015 with his stat’s increasing very well up until that point had I played him I still think he could have become a great rather than just a back up until he causes fuss and I sell him. Obviously stat’s don’t mean everything and he will get a chance and Hopefully like Dan Burn he will make himself key to my plans. But I wouldn’t put too much money on it you will see why in the next couple of days.

John Swift_ History Career Stats

Again a loan coincides with his decline in improvement think its a message but I would have found him even less game time and he still Improved the beginning of that Championship season with Fulham. He actually played more than I thought last year but if I could have given him at least 10 games each season in the first two he would be a much better player by now. 

FM 14 John Obi Mikel 2017


John Obi Mikel

If you read my season 3 review you will see that I classed selling this man as my biggest mistake, the reason I had a horrible season to forget. So I re-signed him and sold his replacement De Rossi, for one he is younger two I now know his worth. Have you ever needed to re-sign a player for reasons like mine? feel free to comment below or even discuss it on my twitter or facebook.

John Obi Mikel_ Overview Profile

Mentally he has much improved and his time at AC Milan has done him well id like higher tackling but his physicals are impressive, he will fit straight back in as my Defensive Deep Lying Playmaker role and mainly play those games which are not as easy to dominate like against Manchester City etc. Although the advised Regista is tempting I haven’t used that role since a very early FM 14 save with Espanyol so I may not be brave enough to give it time to work just yet.

John Obi Mikel_ Overview Information-2

The reason I didn’t like him is that he dwells on the ball slows the game down. Until I had a tactical re think and slowed the tempo of our game (still not happy to do that but results show for themselves) I just didn’t want him doing it and in season three until January when De Rossi joined us we needed him there to do so. His return has made me much happier as I now know we can defend and hold out hopefully one of my regens will become the same sort of player as him.

John Obi Mikel_ Contract Contract Info

I actually managed to talk him down from 140 k a week although I had to higher his bonuses as he is 30 hopefully I can keep lowering his wages yearly as I do with Terry and Lampard. 

John Obi Mikel_ Reports Coach Report


I have not taken a screen shot of his development as he is one of this summer signings he has literally been with the club a couple of months. But here is what Holland thinks of him and he thinks I should work on his Quickness I do question Holland often you don’t realise how much until you look at the details in this sort of depth. Regista is so tempting he may find himself in that role in a game so I can see how well it works. Have you used this role what’s it like defensively?

John Obi Mikel_ History Career Stats

Officially we have made 3 million profit on Obi Mikel which is quite impressive obviously need to ignore his high wages. AC Milan will fall now as it looks mirrored in what happened to me, he didn’t play much thought id cash in lower wages and I missed him alot. 

John Obi Mikel_ History Biography


FM 14 Ryan Bertrand 2017

Ryan Bertrand

Here is my second favourite player of the save behind Dan Burn. He has been my reliable Left Back and saw off Ashley Cole then Marcelo, He is not the best in the world and far from the worst he is consistently good and that is what id much rather have in my team, of course exceptional player id love to have but as many FM players know in FM14 not always easy to do. Unless you sign Luke Shaw and everyone does that.

He first proved he was upto it during Roberto Di Matteo’s time as manager, many seem to forget his performances in the Champions League he was a big factor to helping us lift it along with Obi Mikel. Good defensively and equally good going forward, as I do say often another one who deserved a chance in the first team and didn’t get it Luis would have not been needed had he got his opportunity but there you go this is Chelsea FC now days. I am not having a dig but I would love to see a few more youth products given a chance and that’s what I try to do every FM save as you can see Chalobah already has proved himself as well as Ryan here. He is my first choice LB ahead of Baglio.

Ryan Bertrand_ Overview Profile

As you can see he can tackle, works hard and is still quick key to complete wing backs. He also has 9 more caps than he did before although is usally overlooked by Hodgson and Micheal Laudrup (England manager ahead of me).

Ryan Bertrand_ Overview Information

He is a great player that I should have maybe added a few more PPM too. But he favours Lamps Terry and Mata and I doubt I will ever let him go as he has been there and done it all and deserves alot of credit for it.

Ryan Bertrand_ Contract Contract Info

I have shown I pay my players alot and with some of them I don’t mind Ryan is one of those 120k you may think is alot but loyalty and performances mean alot to me. 

Ryan Bertrand_ Reports Coach Report

I am very surprised that Holland hasn’t commented on his quickness arnt you? Yes he cant header but I think we have had this debate not many full backs can. He is still my complete wingback and that’s how I play him rather than a full back as advised.

Ryan Bertrand_ Development Training

In some ways he has declined rather than risen but still not bad now he is turning 28 although I may start seeing a turn his mental stats and they should rise from now on, he is still up to the job but if the right youngster is found he may find his game time reduced but not by much.

Ryan Bertrand_ History Career Stats

I think he’s played the most premier league games out of all the players I have shown you so far maybe even Dave from what I can remember.

Development of a complete wingback Renato Baglio

Renato Baglio_ Overview Profile

When I first signed him I was a huge fan of him but the main problem has been changing him mentally whenever there has been team meetings or even season expectations he hasn’t agreed to the fact that the team is good enough to be winning all that we are gunning for, It has always disappointed me about him. I have had him tutored Bertrand and Marcelo making me wish I had kept Cole an extra year in the hope he had done it. That being said the talent is still there and apart from his stars (which I use more as a guideline) dropping he still could become first choice LB. 

As for Tutors I do feel they are very important to the game and a players character is very important in development if you have a model professional then that player will be perfect for working on accepts the pressure of playing for  a big club like Chelsea, there are many overs that work just aswell. The best Real Life examples are Paul Gascoinge and Wayne Rooney, bear with me we all know about Gazza and his problems the fact Sir Bobby would father him and no real manager could tame his wild ways. His development faltered although a great player who did well he was never the great exceptional player he could of been Injury was a reason aswell. Im not saying he had the chance to be better than Pele although in my lifetime he was the nearest this country ever had. Now Wayne Rooney was never as bad there have been a few stories but before he joined United he was a little wild he was abit erratic then Sir Alex came along he tamed him, turning him into the hope of a nation. (Ill leave it up to you if he has achieved greatness or not, defiantly has at United) I see tutoring in the same sort of way as a Chelsea fan Lampard is my ideal player or going back look at Ballack as an example up to you who you choose. But in order for youngsters to improve guidance from players that have been there done it all, Ballack more so in the fact he is German and won things with them. That infulence can be a diffrence bettween once a wonderkid to a world class player. I was always gutted when great potential English players joined United but you knew that Sir Alex would have got the best out of them look at his record Giggs, Becks, Scholes and many more, if Gaza had made the move I could almost put money on the fact he would be in that list. 

Recently the one that seems to have had a better effect on him has been Marko Marin he seems to have improved his attitude. Marin as you will see later has been a very useful player but hasn’t been always been a starter and has been a little upset by that, But he has been a reliable back up in the wide positions and I hope I am not the only Chelsea fan that thinks he deserved more than what Chelsea have given him.

Renato Baglio_ Overview Information

Holland tune doesn’t change much it does show me he is no the happiest of players I will need to fix that this season or he will need to leave I do see it as his attitude problem,  I also see that I should be able to fix it as with a few players so far more work from me is needed.

Renato Baglio_ Reports Coach Report

The main thing to note is that everything has risen it has improved he hasn’t slacked in training and has been developing well, he was until Marcelo turned up been second choice maybe not having that many games or responsibility has helped him improve and third choice help him bloom. If I can fix current Issues he could still become my number One LB.

Renato Baglio_ Development Training

His games played looked terrible but I promise he did play more cup games than it shows there he will get more of a chance this year, he needs it more than anything.

Renato Baglio_ History Career Stats

FM 14 Nathaniel Chalobah 2017

Nathienel Chalobah

When you look at his stat’s he looks perfect but to be honest performance wise he hasn’t been as good as Lewis Baker or Ward-Prowse, although Chalobah’s playing stat’s are probably better. He can play CB but doesn’t he only has 10 for tackling and I don’t need another one to try and rotate, I try and use him as a box to box midfielder but I will be looking at him this year and trying to figure out just where he should play on the pitch. As he is yet to scream I am undroppable I know there are very few 22 year old’s that are but I am expecting better from him. 27 Caps shows that he is good enough to be selected but something so far is missing for me no matter what chances I give him.Nathaniel Chalobah_ Overview Profile

He is possible the first player who should love Frank Lampard as he would have been tutored by him possibly more than once. It does say he is just as capable at playing as a DLP but with 10 for tackling I am not so sure myself but I need him to drop a little deeper as I like Baker being the furthest forward of my MC’S.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ Overview Information

I have talked about high wages before but he is on more than Cech not sure what I was thinking or that I was thinking.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ Contract Contract Info

As you can see Steve Holland thinks he can still improve and comments on his pace he loves them quick players. If he is my best MC as this suggest his wages are almost justified but I’m still not 100% hopefully he was just tired the end of last season.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ Reports Coach Report

As you can see he has developed hugely from what he was at the beginning him and Baker where my focus in the start and his stat’s show that. It has talled off but i put that down to age rather than anything else although maybe my roatation system is not the greatest.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ Development Training

As you can see his average rating is under 7.00 in 3 out of 4 seasons in my eyes for someone earning 165 k a year I don’t feel that is good enough ill take a hold of him this year as he must improve and I need to make sure it is him and not anything I have done.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ History Career Stats

Impressive record for a 22 year old though.

Nathaniel Chalobah_ History Biography

FM 14 Kurt Zouma 2017

Kurt Zouma

I have already shown you one very promising CB and I also told you he was my best, now that I have looked at this man Kurt Zouma I am not so sure. Its great to be blessed with such talent at the back but hard to rotate. Callum Rees will be involved and my love and appreciation for Burns must be filled but surely Doria and Zouma are my best and key CB’S. He came in about a week before Chelsea act signed him for 30-40 million less than I did. I allowed myself to spend 52 million on him because I want to have all the records I had the money wasn’t sure who else to buy and I knew he would come good. At 22 those stats are exceptional I must admit I did under use him last year with the form of Burn and the fact I favoured Doria, he has yet to get unhappy about it taking 87k home with him probably helps that fact.

Kurt Zouma_ Overview Profile

Just figured out why he isn’t quite number one choice gets forward whenever possible not a trait I like in my CB’s especially after David Luiz as much as I loved him and miss him now he’s at PSG IRL he was a liability. That one PPM will soon be removed as it still does scare me no matter how quick he is. Although developing him as a DMC anchor or Half back may be the best way to utilise him?

Kurt Zouma_ Overview Information

He does earn alot for a player of his age but don’t you think he is worth it and I have only once had Roman help me out adding 4million to help out so finances arn’t that bad. 

Kurt Zouma_ Contract Contract Info


He has only been at the club one season so the graph doesn’t look as impressive as it could be, but he is a top CB and most if not all have made some form of improvement. 

Kurt Zouma_ Development Training

16 League games for your biggest buy at a club is quite poor but he will obviously get more game time he has to be considered as one of my best. As mentioned many times before cup games are not included.

Kurt Zouma_ History Career Stats